Hendrick’s Hill Museum

The house was donated to the Town of Southport, Maine in 1987 and  moved from its original location on Pierce’s Cove.  Built by John Cameron in 1810, the central building remained in the Cameron family for 100 years. They were a family of fishermen.  One year their vessels flew the high line, signifying that they had taken more fish than any other Southport family.  The house has eight rooms: kitchen, parlor, map room, marine room, pantry and three upstairs bedrooms.  There is also a boatshop and an addition to the original building which houses three exhibit rooms and a reference room with various archival and genealogical materials.


The Cameron family, who came from Scotland before 1790, originally owned this house. Their first home was built on what is now the corner of Ebenecook Road and Route 27. The foundation stones are still there, though overgrown by bushes. This house is thought to have been built about 1810 when John Cameron married Sarah M. (Sally) Dow. It stood about 500 feet north of the first Cameron house. The property stayed in the Cameron family for 100 years and then was sold to Elsworth Besaw in 1910.

     Elsworth had been a baker in Bath before coming to Southport. He continued his trade in a small way when he was here. Later the Besaws sold the property to Ezra Pratt who in turn sold it to his son, Lawrence. It remained in the family until it came down to Ezra’s great grandson, Perry Luke. Wishing to commemorate his family, Perry gave this building to the Southport Historical Society, providing it could be moved to its present location.


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