Old House Questionnaire

 The Southport Historical Society is working on a project to update the Old House Book that was published in 1988. This book gave the history of about 70 houses that were built on the island prior to 1900 and copies are available at the Museum. We now want information on all houses and summer cottages on the island regardless of when they were built. Would you please help us by filling out the following questionnaire on the house with which you are most familiar. Please return this form to:

Jean Hawley, PO Box #4 , Southport , ME 04576 , 633-2774


Your Name: :__________________________________________

Name of current owner:__________________________________________


Southport street address of the house: ________________________________


Your mailing address (if different from the house address)




Your telephone number (_____)______-________


Map and Lot numbers (from your tax bill) if available: Map ______Lot _______


Year that current owner acquired the house: _______________


Date the house was originally built: ______________

If you know the date, give it; If you are guessing, write c1914 for example.


Who was the first owner? _______________________________________________


Names of other owners with their dates of acquisition:








Please include any interesting historical data, lore or family legends about the house. Use the other side and feel free to include extra sheets as needed.


If you have a spare copy of a picture of the house (either new or old), please include it and pencil the date of the picture and the Southport address on the back.


Are you interested in helping with the project? Yes __       No __


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